Lazy Wednesday Night Nomz

2 weeks ago, while Allan was out of town and I wasn’t too keen on sitting around moping at home, I figured the perfect remedy to a tough day at work was to go try a “Fitness Challenge” class at the YMCA before heading home. It didn’t immediately seem like a terrible idea; I’m fairly fit and not afraid of a Y group class, but I was somehow ignoring the fact that Tuesday and Thursday are my taekwondo class days, so slipping an intense strength workout class in on a Wednesday was probably not the brightest idea. About 5 minutes into the class I realized I’d made a terrible mistake by hitting the gym at all, and after an hour I was completely destroyed (leave it to me to go hard for the whole class even when I knew I wasn’t up to it). I ended up having to miss taekwondo the next day, immediately coming down with a nasty cold that I’d been fighting off up until that point, and just generally crashing and burning.

Lesson learned. Wednesday is rest day. Especially after the fun but intense sparring class we had last night! I think I earned some laziness after getting my butt kicked to that degree.

Tonight I came home from work and grabbed some chicken thighs out of the fridge. I only had 2, and since chicken thighs are kinda dinky that didn’t seem like enough protein for us, but I figured it couldn’t hurt that badly to just make up for it with a couple of filling veggie sides. We had 2 kinds of meat for lunch anyway…it all works out in the end!

I set the oven to preheat to 400F and in the meantime tossed the thighs in a mixing bowl with some olive oil, aged balsamic, crumbled dried oregano, and salt and pepper.

Marinating Chicken Thighs

That chilled out for 15 minutes or so until the oven was hot. Searching through my kitchen I found two small sweet potatoes that I had kicking around, and realized they would also need about 45 minutes at 400F to be delicious, so I scrubbed ’em, poked ’em, and threw them on the same baking sheet

Chicken Thighs and Sweet Potatoes

Then I poured myself a glass of wine and sat my butt in front of my computer for 40 minutes catching up on blogs and bugging people on Twitter while deliciousness was happening in my oven. Eventually I had to stand up and make a second side, though. I went to my old standby – frozen brussels sprouts.

I’m fussy about my sprouts and like to cook them in 2 stages (from frozen, anyway). First I steamed them for 5 minutes in the microwave

Steamed Brussels Sprouts

Then I heated up a tablespoon or so of duck fat in a skillet and tossed the sprouts in with some salt and a bit of crushed red pepper

Sprouts in Skillet

When they were all browned and amazing, I grated some parmesan over top for added amazingness.

Melty Goodness

At this point I revisited my sweet potato and chicken thighs, and realized I was out of butter. So I just cut open the sweet potatoes and spooned some duck fat in there instead. Oh duck fat, is there anything you can’t do?

Dinner is served!

And then I shoveled it all into my face like my life depended on it. Because man, food is the best.

8 responses to “Lazy Wednesday Night Nomz

    • A local farm called Greens, Eggs, & Ham. Not sure if you’re local, but they sell it directly at the downtown farmer’s market as well as at Acme Meat Market. The other way to get lots of duck fat is to just roast a duck and save the drippings, or even just cook a couple duck breasts at a low enough heat that the fat really renders off, and strain and store it – duck gives off a crazy amount of fat.

      • Yup I am local, thanks for the info. I look forward to checking out Acme Meat Market 🙂

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