Recipe Roundup : March 3 2013

Some recipes we made and enjoyed from around the web this week

A little heavy on breakfast recipes this week. I love breakfast. It’s the best reason for getting out of bed waaaay before the crack of dawn that I can think of (wish I could go “full caveman” and wake up with the sun…but then I probably shouldn’t have chosen to live so far north and work standard office hours).


I always struggle to get enough vegetables at breakfast, so I was excited to find this recipe for Broccoli Fritters from Empowered Sustenance. These were soooo good I couldn’t believe it. The flavours really meld together and the bitter broccoli taste kind of dissolves into the curry taste – Allan didn’t even realize they were mostly broccoli, and just thought I’d done some weird magic to turn his pancakes green.

Speaking of which, these blueberry banana pancakes are one of our breakfast standbys. Allan’s a huge blueberry fan, and I’m a sucker for anything made primarily of mashed bananas. These are a good go-to quick and easy breakfast. As a weekend treat sometimes I’ll drizzle a bit of maple syrup over top.

Another breakfast that goes a bit to the sweet side is this Berry Pancake Souffle recipe I grabbed from Food Renegade. I actually make this one a lot, even though it’s a fair bit of prep to do in the morning and requires multiple mixing bowls and an electric mixer. Worth it though! I made it with fresh blackberries and blueberries this week, but I’ve also done it in the past with frozen berry mixes and (my favourite) frozen peach slices. One of these split between the two of us with a side of bacon is probably my favourite breakfast, with the possible exception of my (not so easy) paleo eggs benedict.

Moving away from breakfast, I need to shout out the awesomeness of this beef stroganoff recipe from Mark’s Daily Apple. I actually made this twice recently. The first time I used beef tenderloin and heavy cream, as per the recipe. The second time, I made it much, much cheaper by using ground beef that I had on hand, and substituting coconut milk for the heavy cream to make it less of a cheat. It was still literally plate-lickingly good with the coconut milk and ground beef, although the tenderloin was a real treat and I would definitely make it that way again for a special occasion. Highly recommended!

So tastiness of berry souffles and banana pancakes aside, what are your favourite ways to get more veggies at breakfast? Obviously it’s not my strong suit! Ideas welcome!

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