Slow Cooker Ancho-rubbed Pulled Pork

Today everything I ate was remarkably unphotogenic or else eaten while extremely hungry and unwilling to slow down and document the process. So here’s a recipe I make pretty frequently for lunches, because who doesn’t always need good bag lunch ideas?

I often have slow cooker meals at lunch time. I’m usually so busy with breakfast/lunch in the mornings that I can’t pull it together to make a slow cooker meal for the evening, so most of my slow cooking gets done overnight. I prep a meal at night, stick it in the crockpot, and transfer it to lunch containers in the morning (and usually get 2-3 days worth of lunch out of one batch). Easy peasy.

This pork is plenty good on its own, but Primal BBQ Sauce is awesome with it too.

Ancho-Rubbed Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

2 medium yellow onions

1 kg/2 lbs pork shoulder picnic roast (mine here is from Serben Free Range)

1 Tbsp ancho chili powder

1 tsp coarse salt

1 tsp ground black pepper

1 tsp onion powder

1 Tbsp dehydrated parsley flakes

1 tsp ground mustard

Mix seasonings and rub on all sides of pork roast. Slice onions into 1/2″ thick slices and arrange on bottom of slow cooker. Place prepared roast over onions. Cook 8-10 hours on low.

I didn’t get a picture of it finished because we ate it too fast. But here it is just beginning its journey to flavour-town, the night before:

Ancho-Rubbed Slow Cooker Pulled Pork | Low Carb, Paleo, Primal, Gluten-Free

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