Southwest Eggs Benedict

I’m a really, super big fan of eggs benedict. Recently I posted a recipe for basic paleo eggs benedict, and I highly recommend you try it. But this morning I tried another awesome variation that’s a little more “out there” but that was really fantastic.

This dish comes from The New Southwest Cookbook, which my Mum bought me, because she’s awesome. If memory serves me correctly, she bought it for me at the gift shop at Montezuma’s Castle last time Allan and I visited Arizona. My parents keep a house down in Surprise, AZ, and I absolutely love the food down there! I wish we could find the time to go down more often. But this dish at least was reminiscent of warm vacation days in the southwest, even as I rushed to finish making it in time to go outside in the cold to get to work in the morning.

Me and Allan at Montezuma's Castle; holy cow, Allan has lost a lot of weight since then!

Me and Allan at Montezuma’s Castle; holy cow, Allan has lost a lot of weight since then!

This recipe is a little on the complicated side. Last night, I chopped a large-ish yam into 1/2″ cubes and boiled it until it got kind of mushy. Then I poached a large chicken breast, and chopped it into 1/2″ cubes as well. I mashed up the yam a bit and mixed it with the pieces of cooked chicken, one finely chopped chipotle pepper, some green onion, and a touch of maple syrup, and formed it all into 6 burger-sized patties. I wrapped each one individually in plastic wrap and then put them in a container in the fridge and went to bed.

In the morning, I took out 4 of the patties (2 for breakfast, and 2 to take to work for lunch) and fried them for 3 minutes on each side in coconut oil. I set aside 2 for lunch, and plated the other two for mine and Allan’s breakfast.

Then I made a basic hollandaise (like the one I used for my basic eggs benedict) and added to it half of a minced poblano chili, and poached 2 eggs. To serve, I topped each yam/chicken patty with a poached egg and then slathered it in the poblano chili hollandaise. It was a bit of an ordeal to put it all together but it was CRAZY good and completely paleo. It made me want to have some overnight guests just so that I can serve this as a delicious brunch.

Southwest Eggs Benedict | Paleo | Gluten Free

I have a few more breakfasts planned for this week from the same cookbook. I’m honestly surprised at how paleo-friendly a lot of the breakfast recipes in this book are. Excited to try the other ones I’ve planned for this week! Speaking of which, I’m thinking I should share my whole meal plan with this week for you guys. Maybe I’ll tackle that tomorrow, and share a bit of my “process” with you guys, because I’m sure you’re super excited to hear about my meal planning 😀

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