Happy Easter!

It’s not quite over yet, but I’m calling it anyway: Sugar Detox Easter Weekend was, against all odds, a success.

As I believe I whined about last week, my 21-Day Sugar Detox attempt keeps going off the rails. So I decided to buckle down and get down to business, so that I could kick these nasty sugar cravings for good. Unfortunately, my new-found resolve coincided with Easter long weekend. Usually for holidays I loosen up my dietary restrictions, visit my parents, and eat all the candy and junk food in site, then return home and drop the weight within a couple of days and forget about it (one Christmas, I spent a week with my parents eating Christmas cookies, gained TEN pounds, and lost it within 2 days of getting home). I have no delusions of this being healthy, but it’s never more than a minor setback, and it’s nice not to be a killjoy about holiday snacks.

This year though I’ve had too many excuses lined up back to back. No more rationalizations for bad behaviour: Easter had to be not just paleo, but 21DSD-friendly. Challenge accepted. No problem. Let’s do this.

For the drive down to Lethbridge on Saturday, I packed some “safe” snacks to prevent a gas station binge later on:

Unsweetened Paleo Spice CakeThis is an unsweetened spice cake that I made up the night before (note: the original recipe is not completely unsweetened, but I omitted the honey and molasses). It’s tasty and also incredibly, immediately filling because of the dense egginess and coconut-floury-ness. Get one of these bad boys down, and there’s no way you’re going to be able to chase it with a donut.

Roadtrip Veggie Sticks

Roadtrip ApplesRounding out the roadtrip snacks were a fairly large container or carrot and celery sticks that I chopped up and an apple for each of us (one green apple is my daily fruit allowance on the 21DSD, the red one was for Allan).

For Friday night dinner we went out with my parents to Mocha Cabana, one of our favourite Lethbridge spots. We’d previously only been there for (excellent) brunch, but the dinner turned out to also be tasty. I just got a steak and a bigass pile of asparagus to be safe, but it was fantastic.

Saturday morning we had some bacon, fried eggs, and pumpkin pancakes (I know I’ve linked to those a few times already, but they’re in frequent rotation around here). That was enough food to hold us over until an early Easter dinner in the afternoon. My Mum and I got some parsnips, carrots, and a rutabaga peeled and chopped and tossed with melted butter and dried rosemary, and piled it all in a dish with the lovely centre-cut ham from Acme and got it in the oven.

Easter Ham with Root Veggies


We had some time to kill while that was cooking so we went exploring. The weather in Lethbridge was beautiful, and there was no snow on the ground (unlike in Edmonton, where we’ve still got loads of the stuff). We ended up at Park Lake, which was still mostly frozen, and gorgeous.

Dock at Park LakeEmily on the DockAfter admiring the scenery a bit I migrated towards the playground. Who can resist an empty playground?? Perfect paleo exercise, which is just incidental to the fact that it’s crazy fun.

Glee!Mum on the monkey barsMum was pretty judgy of me for not being able to go across monkey bars (never have been able to) until she tried it for herself. Not that easy when you’re not a kid! This is definitely a fitness goal for me this year: gotta get across some monkey bars.

We went back to their house and relaxed a bit before getting serious about dinner. In addition to the ham and root vegetables, we made cauliflower mash, baked potatoes, and green beans, and fried up some bacon for cauliflower/potato garnish. There was also a giant cupcake-cake in attendance…I stayed away from that one.

Easter Ham with Root Vegetables

Our yummy Easter ham, hot out of the oven

Paleo Easter Dinner

My 21DSD-friendly Easter dinner: ham, roasted root veggies, green beans, and cauliflower mash with bacon. Yum!

All in all, pretty proud of myself for finally surviving a holiday without junk food. The rest of the detox should be a breeze now, right? Right. I’m feeling pumped to lose the last 15 lbs! You guys need to keep me honest so I can get ‘er done 🙂

Happy Easter everyone!

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