Recipe Roundup – April 6

Whoa, my mind was just blown as I wrote that date. Is it seriously April already?? And why am I curled up in bed, dressed warmly, wrapped in a blanket, feet buried in adorable puppy slippers? I’m losing patience for spring to show up for real 😦

Anyway. I tried a lot of great recipes last week! Let’s see if I can remember all of them, because I did not take notes. I like to live dangerously.

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OK, to the delicious recipes we guinea-pigged this past week:

This recipe for Ropa Vieja from Ancestral Chef is off the hook. It was simple to put together, slow cooked all night while I slept, and provided a couple of particularly delicious meals for Allan and I. Unfortunately I miscalculated my bell pepper needs for the week and ended up with only one to use (the recipe, wisely, calls for 3) so it was way too light on veg, but still delicious. I actually went out and bought more ingredients to make a double-batch of this for this week. Nothing makes a great post-workout snack then a hunk of flank steak and peppers saved up from a big crockpot batch.

I was honestly a little nervous about this Green Soup recipe from Vintage Mixer, but it looked so tasty and packed with nutritional punch that I gave it a go anyway. My concern was mostly that I don’t generally cook up a batch of soup and then serve it immediately. I cook it, cool it, and take it with lunch to work all week. And this calls for uncooked avocado. The colour suffered when it was stored and reheated, but the taste was actually better than I’d expected. This was delicious and I found myself always wishing I’d packed more. Sometimes I’m not the greatest about getting my leafy greens, so this soup is a big win.

Going way back to Sunday, I made these Apple Pancakes for a nice breakfast with my parents (alongside some bacon, of course) and loved them. I left out the walnuts simply because I didn’t have any on hand, and they didn’t suffer for it at all. I think I’ll make these again tomorrow, actually. Did I mention they’re 21DSD-friendly? Oh, and trippling the recipe worked out great for the 4 of us. Yum!

Allan pinned this recipe for Cauliflower Steaks some time ago, with great enthusiasm. The kind of great enthusiasm that is basically just saying “PLEASE MAKE THIS FOR ME”. So I finally knocked that one out, and it was delicious – a creamy cauliflower puree topped with a golden browned pan-friend cauliflower “steak”. I substituted coconut milk for the milk in the recipe and it turned out awesome. I forgot to take a good photo of it, but here’s a quickie Allan snapped on his phone of the cauliflower steaks alongside some simple dressed arugula and pan-fried salmon:

Cauliflower Steaks, Salmon, Arugula

Barely-related sidenote: my friend Jill likes to refer to me as “Emily ‘Arugula Nonsense’ MacKenzie”, due to my foodie ways. Here’s some arugula nonsense for you, Jill.

I bought a waffle iron off of kijiji this week, and I fully intend to go completely waffle crazy with it now. I started by making PaleOMG’s Chocolate Waffles, but to make them 21DSD-friendly, I had to use 100% unsweetened chocolate chips and omit the sweetener from the recipe. While they were entirely edible covered in butter and scarfed down hungrily, they would definitely be better with a bit of sweetness. Will revisit when I’m done the detox and can do them justice. I think maybe topping them with banana slices would’ve done the trick, too, now that I think about it. Hmm. Food for thought.

Man, I am really mining the depths of my Pinterest to find all these recipes that I’ve made in the past 7 days. Could I be done yet? Maybe? Quick final scroll-through…

Oh, right! I’ve actually linked to this recipe multiple times now I think (bit obsessed maybe?) but these broccoli fritters from Empowered Sustenance are one of my favourites. The exciting tidbit I learned this week (born, as most invention is, out of laziness) is that you can make these without pre-cooking your broccoli, as long as you keep the stems pretty minimal. Just throw the raw florets in the food processor with the other ingredients, process well while you get your skillet of coconut oil ready, and fry those bad boys up. This may seem like a small victory but given how much I enjoy these THIS IS LIFE CHANGING. I did, at one point this week, eat a crown and a half of broccoli like this in one sitting by myself in maybe 3 minutes.

And last but not least, Michael Symon’s Chicken Thighs with Kale. I bought almonds for this recipe, forgot that I’d bought them, assumed I didn’t have any, and then made it without them. This recipe: still delicious. The almonds: still delicious. I guess it’ll have to remain to be seen whether they reach new heights of deliciousness together. Also, random note, if you attempt this: for some reason, I thought I had to cover this in the oven, even though there is no indication in the recipe to do so. So, don’t be like me, or your skin will be disappointingly soggy. Not that you were going to make my dumb mistake anyway.

OK, I think that’s all! Check back tomorrow; I’m going to start writing up the crazy day I had today that I haven’t touched on yet. It includes me peeling the face off of a pig, with pictures. You won’t want to miss it.

Thanks for reading!

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