Whole30 Day 3

This is feeling almost too easy. I’ll show you what’s what, Whole30! Ha! I am the master!

Anyway. I wasn’t all that creative this morning, so breakfast was the same as yesterday, except slightly smaller since I couldn’t finish it yesterday.

Bacon, eggs, tomato, peach

Bacon, eggs, tomato, peach

Lunch was leftover meatloaf from last night, that cabbage I couldn’t eat yesterday, and some pineapple:

Unphotogenic but delicious

Dinner was fancy! A couple days ago I did most of this recipe for pork belly carnitas, stopping just short of the final step of cooking it for 30 minutes on the stove. So tonight I grabbed it out of the fridge and finished it on the stove, and MAN was it good. I tried to make a mexican rice type thing out of cauliflower but it was a bit botched. Still good, but bland and not quite what I was going for. I’ll try to make it better and share the recipe sometime. Here’s the result, though. A pretty delicious meal.

Whole30 Day 3: DinnerI’ve really got to start taking pictures with a real camera at least some of the time. Sorry, guys. Phone cameras are just so handy!

Also, then I ate this banana. I’m trying to be strict about photographing everything I eat. You know how it is.


aug8-dessertAnd now, bed. Good night!


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