Whole30 Make-Ahead Meal Ideas

6 Whole30 Make-Ahead Meal Ideas

In preparation for the weekend (shopping/cooking time!), here are some of my favourite make-ahead meals. These are awesome to cook on the weekend and then reheat for breakfast or lunch…or even dinner if you’re in a hurry on a weeknight. Have fun and happy cooking!

– This Cuban-Style Pork Shoulder has loads of awesome flavour and the recipe makes a ton. Watch the weight on your shoulder roast; depending on what’s available, you may have to buy two to get what this recipe calls for (do it, though. you can’t have too much of this pork).

– My Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup is easy to throw together over the weekend, and then your veggie sides for lunch are taken care of for days.

– These Buffalo Chicken Nuggets are quite a bit of prep, so if you’ve got any family members you can bully into helping you roll a million tiny chicken balls, now’s the time to enlist them. The result is absolutely delicious though and perfect for lunches or post-workout protein snacks. Make sure your hot sauce doesn’t have any funky ingredients (most are pretty legit, but read your labels).

– This Paleo Meatloaf recipe calls for 3 lbs of meat and a whole lotta vegetables, and you pretty much have to bake it in a cake pan. It’ll keep you in flavourtown for days. I haven’t tried freezing it, but I bet it’d hold up pretty well if you wanted to go that route too.

– Nom Nom Paleo’s Oven-Braised Mexican Beef once got me in trouble with my boss at work, because it smelled and looked so good but I hadn’t brought any for him. I like it paired with roasted bell peppers. Yummm.

Any slow-cooked meat really works well to prep on the weekend and then add to dishes or just serve by itself throughout the week. Roasting up a whole chicken, turkey, or duck can also leave you with lots of awesome meat (and stock bones!). Remember, the more grab-and-go food you have on hand, the easier it is to stick to your eating plan. The trick is to cook when you have time so you don’t have to when you’re busy.

One response to “Whole30 Make-Ahead Meal Ideas

  1. Reading your blog makes me so hungry. Can’t wait to try making the meatloaf and carnitas myself!

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