Whole 30 Days 4 & 5

Still cruisin’ through this Whole30! Loving the food so far. Here’s a quick recap of where my past 2 days of Whole30 eats.

Yesterday for breakfast we just had leftovers from dinner the night before – pork belly carnitas with mexican cauli-rice, along with some raspberries and blueberries.

Whole30 Day 4 - BreakfastLunch was leftovers of the Chicago Dog Chili I’m made for Allan the night before, and some pineapple pieces.

Whole30 Day 4 - LunchFor dinner I was craving Chinese food so I experimented a bit. I cut up some nice meaty pork chops, coated them in tapioca starch, and fried them up in coconut oil and coated with a pineapple sauce. It was really good, but the recipe needs some fine-tuning. I’m hoping to share it soon once I iron out the kinks. We had that with coconut cauli-rice (another recipe I’m still working on – it wasn’t coconutty enough!). Not a perfect meal, but pretty tasty.

Whole30 Day 4 - DinnerThis morning I was a bit rushed so before going to the market I quickly fried up the last bit of bacon, scrambled a couple eggs, and cut up an orange

Whole30 Day 5 - BreakfastThat ended up not being quite enough food, and by the time I was driving back home from my brother’s place in Sherwood Park at 11:30, I was starving and chowed down on a cherry Larabar in the car

Cherry Larabar

When I got home a little less hunger-crazed I put together a nice meal out of my market spoils from the morning. I pan-fried some pickerel and sprinkled it with fresh dill and lemon juice, and sliced up some summer squash and fried it up in some olive oil.

Whole30 Day 5 - Lunch

After lunch Allan and I went out to run some errands and do some shopping, and when we got home I was starving again, so I warmed up leftovers from yesterday’s dinner and then had a nap.

Whole30 Day 5 - Snack

I woke up from my nap to find that my lingering sinus congestion had left me unable to smell or taste anything again, so I wasn’t particularly excited to try to make some dinner. Then some friends texted saying they were hanging out at Next Act Pub, so we just went over there.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that when Allan ordered a beer I was able to smell it, so I ordered myself a steak sandwich and a house salad with no dressing (their dressing is really yummy, but I know it’s full of canola oil and syrup). I ditched the disturbingly delicious-looking piece of bread from my steak sandwich as soon as it arrived, of course.

Whole30 Day 5 - DinnerNot bad! And drinking soda water all evening at a pub isn’t so bad. Two more days down, still going strong. Excited to do some more food prep for the coming week tomorrow.

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