Whole30 Day 6

So day 6 is supposed to be the point where you hit the “I just need a nap” phase of the Whole30, and I suppose that’s apt (although maybe I’m ahead of the curve, because I had a pretty epic nap yesterday afternoon). I slept until 10:30 this morning, which was unfortunate because I’d planned a complicated breakfast. I made it anyway, so it was almost noon before we dug into sweet potato sausage casserole:

Whole30 Day 6 - BreakfastAllan’s been slicing chunks off of a watermelon for the past two days, so we munched on that throughout the morning (early afternoon, really) too. Then I threw a turkey breast in the oven so that we could eat turkey for the next couple of days, and we had a few slices later in the afternoon with some raw veggies because I was too lazy to cook anything else:

Whole30 Day 6 - Lunch

I was still pretty hungry after that but I had plans to meet Jill at the gym and I was out of time, so I rushed over for a workout. After lifting ALL THE THINGS and then foam-rolling my aching muscles into oblivion, I rushed home for more precious food. Getting hungry like that is dangerous; it was all I could do to resist all the fast food on the way home, but I persevered and made it home to reheat some more sweet potato casserole and eat a big bowl of grapes.

Whole30 Day 6 - DinnerAbout a half hour after that I ate ANOTHER giant piece of sweet potato casserole because I was still starving (and a bit more watermelon, too). Hungry hungry day. Messed up eating schedule probably didn’t help. But at least I was no longer hungry when I went to pick Allan up from his D&D night and found everyone eating delicious cake. Someday, cake. Someday. But not today.

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